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Staying Independent Through Home Health Care Services

Jun 23, 2017 by Joan Wurzer

Independence refers to the state of being in control of one's own destiny and being able to make choices. It is important to note that independence is different from autonomy, which is a freedom from outside influence. As individuals, we are often able to maximize our independence when we receive another's help and influence. The key to the equation is that we have chosen to receive this input.


Most seniors want to remain free, independent, and living in their own homes as they age. Yet, due to any number of age-related conditions, chronic or progressive illnesses, and injuries, a majority of American seniors require some degree of support in order to make this wish a reality. For seniors who do not have family members who can provide assistance and support, home health care services are often required.


Home Health Care Services & Remaining Independent


It is important to understand that receiving home health care services does not take away a senior's independence. In fact, it bolsters it. By receiving help and support with daily living activities, personal care, medication management, transportation and the like, seniors are able to avoid moving into an institutional setting such as a nursing home or skilled care facility. Further, just because a senior receives home health care services, it does not mean they are passive recipients of this care. Comfort Keepers, for example, stresses the need for seniors to be active participants in their own care through interactive caregiving.


Interactive caregiving is Comfort Keepers trademarked approach to caregiving that helps seniors maintain their independence by drawing them into their care experience. When seniors are able to work with caregivers, learn new techniques or tricks, and play an active role in their own well-being, they not only feel better about themselves, but they are able to maintain control of their life.


In short, Americans are proud of their independence. Comfort Keepers want to help seniors maintain that independence by helping them remain safe and free in the comfort of their own home. To find out more about how Comfort Keepers home health care services and interactive caregiving can benefit your senior loved one, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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