Palliative Care VS End of Life Care in West St. Paul, MN


Learn the difference between palliative care and end of life care and how both help area seniors.


Palliative care refers to the supports and services provided to a person with a serious injury or illness to help lessen their suffering. Another name for palliative care is comfort care. Palliative services can be started at any time during a person's condition. It is often used alongside curative and restorative treatments and therapies to lessen pain, decrease anxiety, and improve communication between a patient and the medical staff.


When a condition changes and becomes terminal, an individual's focus changes from curing a condition or restoring health to reducing discomfort and dying with dignity. This is where the end of life care starts.


Learn About PAlliative Care & End of Life Care in West St. Paul, MN


End of life care, or hospice care, begins once curative treatments and therapies have ceased and is expected to last for six months or less. Palliative care is still an essential component to end of life care and is needed to ensure a senior's comfort during these final months.


In addition to palliative services, end of life care also addresses the ABCD's of dying: attitudes, behaviors, compassion, and dialogue. By addressing and respecting an individual's cultural, religious, and personal preferences, hospice personnel can help an individual and their family maximize a senior's dignity and quality of life.


End of life care also deals with a family's sense of loss. Counselors and therapists are available to help seniors and their family process the impending death of a loved one as well as the feelings of grief and sadness that are sure to come. Palliative services and end of life care providers both work to facilitate compassionate dialogue with the senior and their family, but end of life care goes a step further and deals with the loss that is now coming sooner rather than later.


Both palliative services and end of life care contain non-medical supports and services designed to improve the quality of an individual's life while maximizing their freedom and independence. With Comfort Keepers, these services and supports are provided in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home.


For more information about palliative care and end of life care, contact a Comfort Keepers senior care coordinator today.

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