Dementia Care in West St. Paul, MN


Read how dementia care can help seniors as they adapt to the challenges presented by this disease.


Dementia is a brain disorder that impacts tens of millions of Americans each year. While it does not progress at the same rate or in the same manner in any two people, there is a standard progression that dementia follows. This helps with identification and diagnosis and makes it easier to plan for future care and support.


While most cases of dementia are permanent and non-curable (there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, or Lewy body dementia, the causes of nearly all dementia cases), quality care is available, and seniors do not need to move into a residential nursing home to get it. This person-centered, individualized care may not be able to cure the disease, but it can significantly increase a senior's comfort and quality of life while potentially adding to their longevity and overall functioning. Best of all, Comfort Keepers services are available in the convenience of the senior's very own home.


What Are the Benefits of Dementia Care in West St. Paul, MN?


Home-based dementia care is great when it comes to scheduling, and it provides great flexibility when it comes to maintaining a senior's routines, which is an important part of dementia care. Further, home-based dementia care allows a senior to play an integral part in designing their own support plan while incorporating their own likes, dislikes, passions, and opinions into the services.


With Comfort Keepers, caregivers work with seniors on memory-strengthening exercises and activities while helping with regular exercise and encouraging healthy meals. Comfort Keepers also provides 21-st century technology support to increase senior safety while still respecting a senior's privacy. From bedside pressure mats to motion sensors, Comfort Keepers technology gives families more options to provide dignified care for their loved one.


Nobody should have to go through the trials of dementia alone. Dementia care not only provides physical supports for seniors who need help with daily living tasks or physical safety, but caregivers also provide much-needed social, emotional, and mental support to the senior and their family. 

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