Transportation With Comfort Keepers' In Home Care Services in Sunfish Lake, MN


Find out about the importance of transportation to in home care services in Sunfish Lake, MN.


Baby Boomers are aging and, according to the Independent Transportation Network, the vast majority of seniors will live well beyond the loss of their driver's license (close to 7 years for men and 10-12 for most women).  As a result, recent estimates suggest that in the next five to ten years a quarter of seniors, tens of millions of elders, will require transportation assistance.


In most parts of America, especially in non-urban locations, driving a car is directly tied to a person's independence. When a person can no longer drive, they must quickly find an alternative means of transportation. Seniors who are unable to do so may find themselves physically and even socially isolated, which can lead to depression and a host of other physical and mental disorders.


Compounding the issue for many seniors is the reason for the loss of their license. Seniors who have trouble seeing or hearing may be able to make a nearly seamless adjustment to standard public transportation options. Those who suffer from chronic pain, a loss of mobility, or cognitive disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease are often not so fortunate. In many cases, seniors may not have the capacity to plan, coordinate, or schedule rides. Others may not be able to make it to the curb without assistance or may not be able to access certain vehicle types.


In Home Care Services from Comfort Keepers


If you are in the process of checking out alternative transportation options for your senior loved one, you are likely worried about their safety, security, self-esteem, and well-being. Never fear, Comfort Keepers is your answer with in home care services.


Transportation is an important part of Comfort Keepers in home care services, meaning your senior loved one will have access to their community, social events, doctor's appointments, and life in general. With staff who are specially trained to accommodate a senior's needs and vehicles that are comfortable, accessible, and able to handle wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive devices. Best of all, transportation services can be coordinated with other specialized services in a senior's care plan.


In short, many seniors are going to require transportation services in the years to come. With Comfort Keepers in home care services, your senior loved one will already be set.

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