Alzheimer's Care for Seniors in Sunfish Lake, MN


Learn about the importance of starting Alzheimer's care as early as possible.


Seniors do not stop being your loved one just because they are diagnosed with a disease. While most people recognize this, it can be very difficult to know what to say or do when a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. You know that they still have a desire to be active, healthy, and joyful, but you also recognize that they will soon be unable to recognize you, their home, or even themselves.


It is important to remember that while Alzheimer's disease does eventually rob a senior of their memories, cognition, and physical strength, you can still take advantage of the time that is left while helping your loved one maximize the quality of their remaining life.


Why Start Alzheimer's Care Early in Sunfish Lake, MN?


Just as important, one should remember that advances are being made in treatment and Alzheimer's care every year. Today, seniors who are diagnosed early can often enjoy years of quality life before they enter the challenges of the middle and late stages. Even then, Alzheimer's care can make a significant difference.


There is no right time to start Alzheimer's care, but the earlier it is started, the more effective it can be. Every senior will face their own unique progression, but there is a standard path. Alzheimer's starts with the loss of short-term memory and decision-making skills. When Alzheimer's care is started early in the disease's progression, seniors can share their thoughts and desires for future care. Further, caregivers have a chance to learn about the senior's passions, desires, routines, likes, dislikes, and so forth. Then, when the senior's memory, cognition, and communicative ability fades, caregivers can keep providing the type of care and assistance the senior loves.


Comfort Keepers specializes in dementia and Alzheimer's care. Caregivers not only understand how the disease progresses, but they know how to best work through challenging situations, including sundowning, hallucinations, delirium, paranoia, or even violent outbursts. Caregivers also understand how to provide the physical support required when the physical body breaks down making walking or even sitting impossible. At this stage, seniors will also need help eating or swallowing.


In short, Alzheimer's is a disease that robs a person of their life and memory. While there is not a specific right time to start Alzheimer's care, a senior's enjoyment and quality of life now and in the short and longer-term future can be maximized by addressing their changing needs sooner rather than later.

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