In Home Care & Interactive Caregiving in Mendota Heights, MN


Learn about how our Interactive Caregiving provides a more complete in home care experience.


With Comfort Keepers in-home care, seniors are provided with assistance for their basic needs such as shopping, cleaning, laundry, nutrition and personal care. This is important for seniors whose ability to carry out simple tasks has declined, but it is often not enough to fully improve their overall quality of life. Researchers found that to fully increase a senior's sense of well-being, caregivers must address the social and emotional components of a senior's life as well.


Comfort Keepers trademarked model of support is called Interactive Caregiving. Interactive Caregiving not only addresses a senior's need for physical support, but it ensures the services are provided with care, compassion, and personal interaction. In other words, with Interactive Caregiving, seniors receive in-home care that meets their personalized needs while keeping them engaged, entertained and, above all else, healthy.


In Home Care with Interactive Caregiving in Mendota Heights, MN


Also stressed in Interactive Caregiving is the importance of keeping seniors physically, mentally, and socially active. Comfort Keepers understands that the best way to accomplish this is to focus on tasks that the senior loves. Whether it is working crossword puzzles, having stimulating conversations, looking at old photos, exercising, or simply going out for refreshing walks, Comfort Keepers caregivers make sure there is a smile on your loved one’s face.


Aging does not mean seniors aren’t able to live a full and active life. With Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving model, caregivers get to know your loved one so that they can focus on the activities that they love the most. By developing a personal relationship with seniors, caregivers can personalize care and address a senior's unique needs. Further, they can draw them into their own care, and provide meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive interaction.


If you have any question about in-home care or Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving model, don’t hesitate to contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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