Medication Management & Other Home Care Solutions in Inver Grove, MN


Read why home care solutions like medication management are vital supports for independent seniors.


Most seniors take at least five prescription medications per day, with the number going as high as twenty prescriptions for those suffering from chronic conditions. Managing so many medications can be challenging, especially for seniors who live alone or face memory issues. If you are worried that your senior loved one may miss their medications or not take them properly, Comfort Keepers can help with some home care solutions.


How Do Home Care Solutions Help Seniors in Inver Grove Heights, MN?


Comfort Keepers home care solutions provide medication reminders and ensure seniors take the proper dosage of their medication at the right time. Caregivers also make certain that medications are taken in accordance with instructions (with or without food, before or after a meal, not combined with certain other medications, etc).


At home caregivers also support seniors by helping with reading labels, picking up prescription medications at the local pharmacy, and planning out daily dosages. Prior to an outing, a caregiver can make sure that medications are planned for and packed. Depending on the circumstances, they can even go along on the trip or stay in contact to make certain medications are taken.


Comfort Keepers also offers technological solutions to common medication management issues. For example, medication dispenser systems not only ensure proper dosages are available, but they also provide alerts or notifications when it is time to take medications and/or when they are not taken on time. By facilitating medication use and reducing the risk of health problems and complications, these solutions support a senior's independence while providing peace of mind to the family.


For more information about Comfort Keepers home care solutions or the many ways medication management support can increase your loved one's safety, independence, and quality of life, please contact a care coordinator today. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in choosing the best care solution for your loved one.

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