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At Home Care Services For Seniors Returning From The Hospital To Home In Eagan, MN

Learn how transitional at home care services help seniors in Eagan, MN to avoid a return trip to the hospital.

The average age of the American populace is growing older. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, the number of people over the age of 65 is expected to double and reach nearly 100 million by the year 2030. As the average of its citizenry increases, the number of age-related challenges is expected to increase as well. Among them: cancers, respiratory or cardiac disorders, dementia, car accidents, and fall-related ailments such as hip replacements. While this increase in accidents and medical challenges will place a growing demand for hospital services, there will also be a tremendous need for post-hospital at home care services.

How Can At Home Care Services Help Seniors Avoid A Return Trip to the Hospital in Eagan, MN?

Once a person is released from the hospital, there is often a period that they require support and assistance. Younger individuals typically have a family member who can pick them up from the hospital, take them home, and at home care services for them during their recovery. Many seniors do not have this support. In fact, nearly 50 percent of current seniors live alone, and half of them do not have social support that they can count on in the event of an illness or injury.

Seniors are significantly more likely to suffer setbacks after discharge than other age groups. Currently, 20 percent of seniors are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge and another 10 percent are readmitted within 60 days. Statistically, the leading reasons for hospital readmission and post-discharge complications are a lack of proper support, home care, and medical follow-up. These negative numbers are a key reason many seniors choose to spend time in a convalescent facility or nursing home during their recovery.

Comfort Keepers transitioning home care helps seniors remain safe and secure in the comfort of their own home. This is important because, with proper support, a home-based recovery is faster, has fewer complications, and presents fewer risks of infections than recoveries in other locations. Seniors who recuperate at home also tend to be happier and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Transitioning home care often starts by bringing a senior home from the hospital, picking up prescriptions, and helping a senior get to their follow-up appointments. But transitioning home care goes well beyond transportation needs. For example, caregivers ensure seniors are able to follow a proper diet. They help seniors move safely around the house by reducing fall risks and provide much-needed social and emotional support. Services may also include personal care, transferring and positioning, and light housekeeping.

In short, many seniors do not have the support they need to effectively and safely transition from the hospital to the home. With Comfort Keepers transitioning home care, however, your senior loved one will have the support and at home care services they need to heal and recover quickly and safely in the comfort, convenience, and familiarity of their own residence. 

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