Comfort Keepers Home Health Care Includes Mobility Assistance in Eagan, MN

Mobility issues may include difficulty getting in and of a chair, unsteadiness while walking, and regular falls that may trigger broken bones, hip fractures, and other serious health conditions.

Unfortunately, aging can prompt the loss of mobility because of common age-related injuries and illnesses. The good news is that Comfort Keepers in Eagan, MN has years of experience assisting senior citizens with mobility impairments. Our home health care professionals offer a variety of mobility services that assist elderly adults in moving inside and outside of their homes.

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If your aging loved one struggles with mobility and decides to take advantage of mobility assistance at Comfort Keepers, our home health care aides will begin by walking through your elder’s home to look for any hazards that may hinder his or her mobility. At that time, home care assistants will provide you and your senior with certain recommendations that may improve walkability at home.

Adding lights in dimly lit areas, installing grab bars in the bathroom and shower area, adding floor adornments to loose rugs, cleaning up clutter, and altering the arrangement of furniture are several of the many suggestions that may be made. If you or your senior are unsure of how to implement any recommendations, a caregiver will provide you with the resources and information to do so. Home health care aides will also give your  exercise ideas that will strengthen his or her bones and improve mobility.

Since many seniors with mobility challenges tend to stay at home rather than attending social events, home health care professionals encourage them to leave home and experience the world around them. An in home elder care aide can assist your elder in getting in and out of a vehicle and educate him or her on how to find parking that’s designed for handicap individuals or those with mobility problems. Additionally, a caregiver can support him or her with the stowing and assembly of walkers and wheelchairs.

At Comfort Keepers in Eagan, we know that mobility loss can have a significant impact on a senior’s ability to participate in everyday activities and complete house related tasks. Therefore, we can also assist older adults with mobility challenges with cleaning, laundry, cooking, vacuuming, and more.

If your aging loved is struggling to live a fulfilling lifestyle because of mobility impairments, contact Comfort Keepers of Eagan, MN today. We have the experiences and necessary to help your senior live a higher quality of life.

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