Comfort Keepers In Home Assisted Living in Eagan, MN Helps Seniors Maintain a Healthy Diet

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Aging adults must make it a priority to stay healthy by maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. However, many seniors in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and at home fail to obtain adequate nutrition because of physiological, perceptual, and other age-related changes.

Comfort Keepers of Eagan, MN takes senior nutrition very seriously so that our clients can avoid malnutrition and obesity whenever possible. Our caregivers are highly trained in educating senior citizens on the importance of a healthy diet while supporting them in planning and preparing nutritious meals each day.

If your elderly loved one chooses to work with Comfort Keepers, we will meet with you, his or her physician, and dietician to gain a thorough understanding of nutritional challenges, specific dietary restrictions, and more. In the event that your senior opts for grocery shopping services, our caregivers will make sure to purchase nutritious foods that have been specifically recommended for your aging adult.

Additionally, caregivers will provide your senior with creative ideas on how to enjoy healthy foods that he or she may not be familiar with or dismiss simply because he or she does not know how to prepare them in a tasty way. It’s likely that your senior loved one will be intrigued by all of the foods and meal preparation ideas he or she was not aware of.

Since sodium can wreak havoc on the health of a senior citizens, home care aides will also encourage your senior to reduce his or her intake of salt. Home care providers will explain that salt can be replaced with other healthy seasonings such as citrus juice, fresh or frozen produce, and low sodium condiments so that your aging loved one learns how to add flavor to his or her foods without relying on salt.

Lastly, meal delivery services such as Meals on Wheels may be recommended for your senior if he or she is looking for an easy way to enjoy nutritious, satisfying meals. These services are usually cost-effective for senior citizens and in some cases, free of charge.

If you’d like to learn more about how Comfort Keepers in Eagan, MN can assist your elderly loved one in sticking to a healthy diet, contact us today! We look forward to providing you with exceptional nutrition support that can often be found at assisted living facilities. 

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