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At Home Care Ideas For Fun Winter Activities

Mar 3, 2016 by Joan Wurzer

At home care providers looking after your loved ones might have a difficult task at hand during the winter season, as most seniors find even the simplest daily tasks challenging when the days become shorter and colder. To make matters worse, the season brings cold temperatures, snowfall, icy pavements and slippery stairs, increasing the risk of falls and injuries in the elderly.

At Home Care & Winter Activities in Inver Grove Heights, MN

While harsh weather conditions during the long winter months may leave your loved ones housebound, your parents or grandparents’ at home care providers will continue to encourage physical activity and find ways to keep them entertained in the wintertime.

The best thing would be to write down a plan of activities for each day of the week, as this will help establish an enjoyable routine and give your senior loved ones something to look forward to. For example, they could host a card game night on Thursdays or organize book club meetings every Saturday.

At home care providers will help your parents or grandparents choose the perfect winter activities, keeping in mind their personal preferences. Your senior loved ones should definitely pick up a hobby, perhaps painting or playing an instrument. Other great ideas include knitting or sewing for the ladies whereas gentlemen could enjoy woodwork or any kind of craftsmanship to their liking. Flower arranging or indoor gardening are also excellent winter activities, as well as crosswords and puzzles, which will not only keep your loved ones busy but also mentally active and focused.

In short, at home care providers will focus their attention on selecting the best winter activities for your parents or grandparents, motivating them to dedicate themselves to expanding their knowledge, boosting their physical and mental abilities and spending time with their families and friends. As a result, your loved ones will stay in good shape and even better spirits. 

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